Dr. Taylor: Specializing in Incontinence

Do bladder or bowel control problems keep you from going places or doing things that you like?

Are you always looking for a bathroom?

Do you have to go too often during the day or wake up multiple times at night? Do you get a sudden or strong urge to urinate then rush to get there, or even worse, not make it in time?

Treatment Option Superior to Overactive Bladder Medications

If so, you are not alone, and you may be suffering from overactive bladder. Our practice is the #1 global provider of InterStim®, an FDA approved procedure that has been proven in clinical trials to be superior to overactive bladder medications. No one in the world has treated more patients with InterStim® therapy.

Our entire practice is focused on one thing: helping women find relief from their bladder and bowel control problems. We don’t treat men, we don’t treat cancer, and we don’t deliver babies. What we do is help women gain control of their lives.

Restore Control. Regain Your Life

Imagine living life to the fullest again – enjoying things you thought were no longer possible like taking your grandkids to the park, eating out with friends, sitting through a movie, or just enjoying a good night’s sleep again.

You no longer have to be a prisoner to fear, anxiety, or embarrassment. You no longer have to live with these life-controlling symptoms, and best of all, your world won’t revolve around the bathroom anymore.

I’d love to help you find relief!

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