Reasons Why You Might Not Have Heard of InterStim® Therapy

If you haven’t heard of InterStim® Therapy before, you’re not alone. There are a few reasons why you might not have heard of this revolutionary treatment yet.

It Isn’t Marketed Directly to Consumers

Medtronic, one of the largest and most highly-respected medical device companies in the world, is the manufacturer of InterStim®. You might be familiar with their heart pacemakers, ventilators, or other devices, but just like with pacemakers, you don’t see direct to consumer advertising as you may see with medications.

Medtronic typically relies on physicians, rather than TV commercials, to educate patients on appropriate therapy options. This isn’t an uncommon practice for manufacturers of medical devices, and it’s ultimately up to your physician to let you know about this treatment option.

Your Doctor Might Not Offer It

If you’re seeking treatment for bladder issues through your primary care doctor, their options are limited to more conservative therapies like medications. Because your primary care provider doesn’t offer advanced therapies, they might not be familiar with InterStim® as a treatment option.

While most urologists and gynecologists do treat overactive bladder, many OBGYNs focus on delivering babies, routine exams, and other gynecological surgeries, while many urologists treat men and focus on cancers, stones, and other common urological concerns. Because bladder control may not be their primary focus, some specialists might not take the time to have an in-depth discussion about InterStim®.

Dr. Taylor is the Nation’s #1 Provider of InterStim® Therapy

Our number one focus is to help women like you find relief from bladder and bowel control problems. We don’t treat men, we don’t treat cancer, and we don’t deliver babies.

Dr. Taylor focuses on the treatment of bladder and bowel control with InterStim® Therapy. After 20+ years of treating female bladder problems, Dr. Taylor has now treated over 25,000 women, performed over 2,500 Sacral Nerve Stimulation Procedures, and is the #1 provider of this therapy in the entire world.

Schedule a consult with Dr. Taylor today to learn more about how InterStim® Therapy can help you.

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